``REFLECTIONS ... the BREEZ OF A TWINKLE IN MY EYE wants to be seen on the page for all to show … THE BEAUTY - FULL UNIVERSE OF ART - INSPIRATION ... while I am chosen to show the AUDIENCE the MOMENT OF MAGIC … it is gone and is still there`` by Audrey, Baroness von Werden

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You will find a wonderful collection of fine art photography, best wall prints, pixel art edition, high resolution images, a great online gallery, museum art prints, street art, large prints, pop art and wall design in New York, London, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Berlin and all around the world. Additional the Artist Audrey von Werden offers design conception, life coaching, feng shui, interior design and consulting.
If you would like to have prints in other dimensions or add a logo / signature to your print order please write us an email to look@vonwerden.art

Audrey Von Werden

OUT OF THE NOW photography describes her style of art. Together with Audrey you will go the path of creating beautiful spaces, fashion and living conditions to uplift your life.

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