Smoking Signs IV



This art picture was photographed 2015 in Italy by Audrey von Werden.

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Smoking Signs IV

Limited Edition, Pixel Style, Pieces: 150 (if you would like to order this pictures with logo or signature please write us in your checkout or email)

Acryl Print: Lamination under acrylic glass, glossy, frameless

Canvas: Entire Photo remains on the face of the canvas

Fine Art Paper: Your photo will be printed on high class photo paper


free shipping (2-3 weeks), price in US $ includes VAT

for the last 10 pieces of the edition price will double


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Acryl Print, Canvas, Fine Art Paper


120*90 cm | 36*48 inches, 160*120 cm, 180*135 cm, 28*21 cm | 12*16 inches, 80*60 cm | 24*32 inches

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